“Amanda was very understanding of our desire to get pregnant again and worked with me to harmonise many issues, so my body could become a healthy place to grow a baby.  Amanda worked with my cycle and what was best for me at that point.  She also took a detailed history of my past cycles and precious pregnancy.  She listened to me and was always very gentle with her approach.  When I did successfully become pregnant, Amanda made sure that my treatment was calming and didn’t upset anything to do with my uterus, she always made sure everything worked well together and I was lucky enough to welcome our beautiful daughter nine month’s later.”

S Davies, Keighley – Feb 2015


“I began visiting Amanda after someone recommended acupuncture to assist with conception. Having tried without success for a number of years, been prescribed lots of medication and a failed cycle of IVF, I approached Amanda and began fortnightly sessions. Amanda’s knowledge, skill and friendly personality had me immediately at ease. As my second cycle of IVF approached Amanda suggested additional sessions around key dates, clearly explaining the reasons and benefits of these. A few weeks later and my husband and I received the amazing news that we were pregnant.  I continued the acupuncture throughout the early stages of my pregnancy, moving to shiatsu when I was no longer able to lie on my back. As always the sessions were relaxing, peaceful and provided the opportunity to address the side effects of pregnancy. As the mother of a beautiful baby I am so grateful to Amanda for everything she has done. I will definitely be returning to Amanda when I start trying for baby number 2.”

C Whitaker, Keighley – January 2014


‘I have had many successful treatments from Amanda Crawshaw.  When she suggested acupuncture, I was initially apprehensive.  However, one session with Amanda converted me and now I would recommend it to anyone.  It is apparent when having a session with Amanda that she is passionate and well educated in her vocation.  Amanda is always very professional and reliable, I always feel like I’m in very capable hands and her treatments offer fantastic results.”

H Willoughby, Keighley – February 2013


“Amanda is very passionate about her profession and is very knowledgeable. She puts you at your ease and clearly cares a lot about getting results for her clients. I’ve been treated by Amanda on various occasions and will continue to use her services in the future. Highly recommended.”

Ben Tagoe, Leeds – February 2013


“Amanda is a talented complementary healthcare specialist. She attends to clients with dedication, concern and intelligence. I highly recommend her.”

Guy Julier – February 2013


“I have benefitted from Amanda’s skills as a complementary therapist since 2008. She has a deep and intuitive knowledge of what supports a person’s return to health, and she is a warm and caring practitioner.
I recommend her to all my friends.”

Catherine Hicks, Leeds – February 2013


“Amanda is a fantastic acupuncturist. She is committed to Chinese medicine and a holistic approach to each client’s needs.  As well as being extremely knowledgeable and professional Amanda is very approachable and great at putting people at their ease.  I would highly recommend Amanda’s acupuncture and Shiatsu treatments.”

Gill Trevor, Leeds – January 2013


“Amanda has been a member of the Shiatsu Society since 1999 and is a highly valued member.  She is an excellent Shiatsu Practitioner and we have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Samantha Haywood – Office Manager at the Shiatsu Society (UK), July 2012


“I have accessed treatment from Amanda at various points over the past 6 years when I have felt that my stress and body needed her expert healing hands! I’ve sought her out when suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain, having headaches and just being a little under par and needing a boost. Amanda runs a professional, competent service. She always runs to time, gives a warm welcome and is clear in her health advice and guidance. I have recommended others to her often including my mother, who also benefitted greatly from her shiatsu. I will continue to use and recommend her.”

Caitlin Allen, Leeds – April 2011


“Amanda offers Shiatsu, full body and sports massage from a small complementary healthcare clinic in Chapel Allerton. I have had both Shiatsu and full body treatments from her. She is professional, trustworthy and extremely good at what she does, as well as being friendly and helpful.”

Julie Balfour, Leeds – April 2011


“As a sufferer of MS I was recommended Shiatsu as a form of Alternative Therapy.  At first I wasn’t sure what to expect but swiftly discovered it’s not like any other form of massage. Having regular treatments has definitely been of benefit. Not only does my treatment leave me deeply relaxed but it energises me for the rest of the week.  I have been very impressed with my experience and with Amanda’s level of knowledge.  The atmosphere with Amanda is professional but relaxed and everything is explained at every step leaving you feeling safe and secure in Amanda’s magical hands!  Shiatsu has worked wonders, giving me a core strength I didn’t know I had – I would recommend it to anyone – thank you Amanda!”

Miss E Todd – Leeds


“With Amanda’s help my posture has completely changed.  When I first met Amanda she asked me how I would like to feel after the treatment, I replied that I would like my back to feel as though it had been stretched and ironed and that is exactly how it felt.  Previously I had felt and looked hunched, especially around the neck and shoulder areas.  Now my neck feels free and looks elongated and my shoulders no longer feel as though they are up around my ears!  I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough; I always say she has ‘golden hands’.”

Mrs D Fellerman – Leeds


“Whenever I can, I have regular Shiatsu’s each month, as an investment in my own health and well-being (as I don’t have a gym membership or personal health insurance!).  It helps me keep on top of minor postural issues and muscle tension, for example that I get from driving each day for 3-4 hours.  In the past, one session of shiatsu restored my lower back to working order after it was so painful I was having trouble walking down stairs – and then I was able to build in more exercise to maintain it afterwards.

However, I also get a huge amount of benefit from the emotional and spiritual nature of shiatsu, which I feel has supported me through difficult situations, sometimes by nurturing and sometimes by boosting me to get on and take the next step.  I really enjoy being able to feel energy moving round my body and releasing in different ways, and it has made me much more aware of the way energy moves around my body, of the energetic links between different parts of my body, and the way they interact physically and emotionally.  I also enjoy the feedback sessions, where we can discuss how I experienced the treatment, what felt out of balance to Amanda and how this might relate to what is going on in my life at the moment.  And the ways in which I can take action in my day to day life that build on the treatment.

It’s also a way of taking time out for me to relax and invest in my own health and well-being for a while.

It’s relaxing, invigorating, dreamy, challenging, repairing, soul-building, grounding.  Shiatsu has illuminated lots about me over the years, given me a new way of approaching myself and my personal development, and a new vocabulary to understand it.  Not to mention, it’s very enjoyable!”

Miss K Murphy – Leeds


“I have suffered with ongoing lower back problems, including chronic stiffness in my both my back and hamstrings, for almost 10 years and despite visits to see various osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists, I have never been able to find a lasting solution. Amanda was suggested to me by a work colleague, and from my first visit onwards I found her sports massage to my back and legs not only helped me recover from any existing stiffness and injury, but also seemed to help me remain injury free.  The range of stretches Amanda explained to me has enabled me to maintain my fitness and unlike previous experience have reduced my need for ongoing treatment.  I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone who will listen!”

Mr. J Stanton – Leeds


“I have been a regular client of Amanda’s for about 7 years, initially for shiatsu and more recently therapeutic massage. I find the sessions really enjoyable and relaxing, as they help me unwind from my stressful job; even though she doesn’t treat me for any specific condition she will often pick up on a particular emotional or physical problem and adapt the treatment for me. She is currently seeing me through my first pregnancy and all its associated back ache, swollen ankles and hormone surges and I don’t know what I’d have done without her!”

Ms J Balfour – Leeds


“When I started Shiatsu treatment I had many preconceptions as to the benefits, if any. I still can’t say I have come to realise all the beneficial effects. But they range well beyond the mere physical and have given me the ability not just to relax in the short term but to have a persistent peace of mind even in the face of overwhelming life and work related stress. Realistically, I could not have coped without it.”

Mr. B. Miller – Leeds


“I decided to go for a Shiatsu treatment because I had a lot of tension in my upper back, and I thought Shiatsu sounded like more of a gentle approach to healing than anything else that I had come across.  I found the treatment very relaxing for my whole body and also psychologically. After a treatment I would always feel more energetic and more positive. Amanda also pointed out things to do with my body/mind that I hadn’t been aware of before (for example my shallow breathing) which I could then work on myself.  Shiatsu helped me a lot and I would always recommend it.”

Miss S Hollins – Leeds


“When my husband died last year, I found it very hard to find enough energy to do what I had to do and I found that Shiatsu was something that really helped to restore me and helped to keep me carrying on with my daily life and responsibilities.”

Mrs A Pugh – Leeds


“Shiatsu is a fantastic treatment that I would recommend to anyone.  It somehow manages to be both relaxing and invigorating.  Because you are fully clothed throughout, it can be seen less intrusive than other forms of massage but is extremely effective for aching joints and muscular pain.”

Dr. N Murphy – Leeds