New UK research study into unexplained miscarriage – get involved!

The TABLET trial is an important research study which is looking at the role of thyroid antibodies in women with unexplained miscarriage.

The researchers are particularly interested in seeing whether a drug called Levothyroxine reduces the risk of miscarriage in women who have thyroid antibodies even though their thyroid hormones are in the normal range.

The researchers want to screen and recruit as many women as possible so they can be sure that numbers are big enough to make the eventual results reliable.

Screening The first step is to screen women who have either had a miscarriage or unexplained infertility, to see whether they have thyroid antibodies.  That’s useful information for anyone and helps identify women who need immediate treatment.

The women who test positive but don’t need treatment are then invited to enter the trial.

Who can take part?

The researchers are recruiting women who:

  • are aged 16 – 40
  • hope to conceive in the next year
  • have had a previous miscarriage or are due to have fertility treatment
  • do not have known thyroid disease – and
  • are willing to be selected at random to have either the treatment or a placebo, without knowing which they are given.

If you are interested in finding out more, click on the link: Miscarriage Association – The TABLET Trial