Are you S.A.D? Acupuncture could help. Try it before March 31st 2013 and get 20% off your first session at Amanda Crawshaw Acupuncture

Here we are in February in the midst of our winter with its dark and cold nights! The low light levels that we have now endured for three or more months can affect us in several ways. The darkness can leave us in low mood, feeling drained and very, very tired.  We might also experience disturbed sleep patterns and certainly a craving for carbohydrates.
For some people it can be worse. Sufferers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) may also experience symptoms of depression. … Acupuncture has now been recognised for its benefits in treating depression and low mood whether this results from S.A.D or other issues.  Read this factsheet from the British Acupuncture Council for evidence based research on treating depression with acupuncture: